Pictures of the Medal and another adventure

National Ass'n of Automobile M'f'g'r's
Endurance Test.
New York to Pittsburg
October 7 to 15  1903

Awarded to
meritorious performance of
under conditions of


To read a longer article which gives many details, and has
some photos from this very messy and arduous event,
plus some newspaper items before, during and after the run,
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columbia     columbia


mud     mud    
mud  mud


Some items from two issues of
one of the trade magazines
just a few weeks later . . .




Some pictures of a road test in the hills of Connecticut in 1907.


This particular event must have had special significance to Lawrence Duffie because
the three photos were framed together and placed in a very prominent position
in his household - as shown in the family portrait (below) taken c. 1925.
My father, Burton (age 19), is seated on the left.  He was named for
Bert Holcomb, Lawrence's close friend and driving partner!
--Bruce Duffie

These hills were the regular testing site for Columbia cars, as shown in
another set of photos which were taken a few months earlier and sent
to a magazine by Hiram Percy Maxim.  To see those winter shots,
as well as other items about the regular testing of all Columbia
cars (including a photo of Lawrence Duffie and his staff),
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duffie family, c. 1926

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