Our first "posed" photo from July, 1998, taken by Robert Kameczura;
Another photo and caricature he did of us appear further down this page.

Behind us is the glass block window in her apartment, which was
the inspiration for her painting of the same name.
That work can be seen at the top of this page.

Lyric Opera of Chicago
Opening Night, 1998

With the Lyric Opera Cow
Inside the Opera House, Fall, 1999

With composer Robert Ward* at a private reception
at Northwestern University, February, 2000

To read the interview done at this time, click HERE

(*Pulitzer Prize Winner)

At the Chicago Avenue "L" stop in August, 2000
(Photo by James Mesplé)

To see KC & BD with James Mesplé at the 2001 Chicago Art Open,
click HERE

To see some paintings by James Mesplé, click HERE

In the WNIB Control Room during the
final broadcast, February 11, 2001

With composer Melinda Wagner* at a private reception
at Orchestra Hall, March, 2001

To read the two interviews we had on other occasions,
click HERE.

(*Pulitzer Prize Winner)

Suite Home Chicago - Michigan Avenue
June, 2001

Evanston Art Center Faculty Exhibit July-August, 2001
KC's painting is entitled Announcing the Harvest

To view the painting, click HERE

KC ready for her watercolor demonstration at the
Lakeshore Arts Festival in Evanston, August, 2001

Our second visit to China - Aug/Sept, 2001
(We flew home on Sept 9, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen)

To see more pictures from this trip, click HERE
To see pictures from our 1999 trip to China, click HERE

At her brother's home in New Mexico, Thanksgiving, 2001
The stained-glass picture above KC is her creation

To see this work, click HERE


Photo and caricature of us by Robert Kameczura
at the Chicago Artists' Coalition, December, 2001

RK did many of the covers for the WNIB Program Guide
To see a photo he took of himself at the station, click HERE.
(This was long before the term 'selfie' had been coined!)
To see one of his WNIB covers, click HERE.


(left) At KC's Solo Exhibit Visions of the Spirit, April, 2002
To see the invitation and other photos of the artwork,
click HERE

(right) At the Chihuly exhibit, Garfield Park Conservatory, summer 2002

On the Atlantic Coast in South Florida, September, 2002

Scouting the Edgebrook Library prior to her show
which ran from December 16, 2004 to February 10, 2005

For more information and to see some photos, click HERE

At Gallery Mornea in Evanston, beside Jazzman in October, 2006

At a birthday gathering in December of 2006, where one of Kathy's colleagues
turned out to be the grand-daughter of one of Bruce's interview guests!
It truly is a small world after all!

To read that interview with conductor Fiora Contino, click HERE.

At our 10th Anniversary Party in 2007

Heading toward a more formal party just up the path...

We're about to enjoy a ride in a rebuilt 1905 Columbia XLIV,
similar to my grandfather's record-setting cars, but lighter weight.
To see photos of those cars from 100 years ago, click HERE.

A Duet in front of a Quartet
September, 2008

To see some unusual photos of the monument, click HERE

A cellphone snap at the Opera House in February, 2010


At a gallery in Chicago displaying artistic kites, September, 2011

To see Kathy's piece in this show, click here


Year by year at the USA Tree...


At the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago,
next to the USA Tree, which members of the the
Chicago Chapter of the DAR had just finished decorating.
This tree is part of the Museum's annual exhibit
Christmas Around the World,
on display during November-December, 2011.
Rather than just using store-bought decorations,
Kathy had the idea of making an ornament for each state.
She gave suggestions, supervised the entire project, and made
Texas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma herself.

To see the finished tree, and individual photos of all 51(!) ornaments,
click here.


Same time, next year!

To see the 2012 edition of the USA TREE,
click HERE.


To see the 2013 edition of the USA TREE,
click HERE.

USA Tree 2014

2015 at MSI

2016 tree


The photo above shows us in 2017 in front of the Grand Tree.
To see the USA Tree from this year, click the image.


On to 2018, and we are in front of the USA Tree.
To see photos of the new ornaments, click HERE.
As to whether I will or will not wear this same sweater
again next year, the betting window is now open.


Since this 2019 tree is very much the same as the previous year's
effort, it is fitting that we show the back of the tree this time.
Even though it is against a wall (when placed in its display position),
the tree needs to have ornaments on all sides.  This view, taken just
as we finished, is what cannot easily be seen by the visiting public.
To see this year's group at work decorating it, click HERE.

Oh, for those who bet I would be wearing the same sweater,
winnings can be collected at the payout window.


The year 2020 and the Covid Crisis have brought immense changes in the world.
Despite not knowing from day-to-day whether the Museum would even be open,
we were able to decorate the USA Tree.  Being in the high-risk group, I did not
attend in person.  However, I was there in spirit, and sent a self-caricature!
For the tree istelf, many new ornaments were created, and they replaced
the Star Boxes (which will return in future years).  To see the 2020
tree, plus close-up photos of all the new items, click HERE.


at eac 1/2013

At the Evanston Art Center in January, 2013,
where Kathy's work Largess was on display.
To see that work, click HERE.



The two of us at a private party in December, 2019.
Different group, different tree, and yes, a different sweater!


Pictures of us with our dads